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Nicolas Lapierre

Hon. Pierre Béliveau
and retired judge
Hon. Louisa Arcand
and retired judge
Julie Beauchamp

Stéphane L’Ecuyer

Maître Stéphanie Perreault‑Gaudette
Justine Roussin

Maître Brigitte

Lawyer and mediator
Maître Marie-Hélène Marcoux
Lawyer and mediator
Maître Anne-Marie

Lawyer and mediator
A team of experienced lawyers and mediators
Practicing in family, youth, inheritance, protection regime and civil law
Services offered in English and French
In every judicial districts of Quebec

Our expertise

Brigitte Brunet Avocats has worked in family, youth, inheritance and civil law for thirty-five years. We can assist you with your legal proceedings throughout Québec. We can also assist you with resolving your matter amicably whether by way of negotiating an agreement, by way of mediation or with a private settlement conference (CRA) . We welcome you to contact us us to determine the most appropriate solution in your situation.

Your legal questions

We know that questions may be complicated and numerous in the context of family litigation due to a divorce, separation as to bed board, a marriage annulment or separation between de facto spouses or when it is time to revisit the status quo. Matters relating to estates can be just as complicated and subtle to navigate. In effect, there are many legal concepts that relate to what matters most in your life, which, as a result, require tailored answers specific to your particular circumstance, such as:


Your children

  • Do you have questions relating to child custody, visitation modalities or questions relating to visitation for grandparents?
  • Is there disagreement relating to a matter linked to exercising parental authority (i.e.: medical care, choice of school, a parent moving, registration in an extra-curricular activity, authorization to travel, etc.)?
  • Are you wondering what your rights are relative to setting, modifying or canceling child support?
  • What is the best way to share special expenses, daycare fees or postsecondary tuition costs for children?
  • Has the Director of Youth Protection (DYP) become involved in your matter and you wish to find solutions to return to normalcy?
  • You wish to move forward with the legal process to adopt a child?

Your patrimony

  • You are married and in the process of separation and you need to share your family patrimony or liquidate your matrimonial regime of the partnership of acquests or separation as to property?
  • You have just separated and are wondering how to navigate both the use and continued financial responsibility of property, such as a residence or a vehicle?
  • You are defacto spouses and there is jointly owned property such as your residence or one party is of the mind that there has been unjust enrichment?
  • What happens to my business in the context of a separation?
  • You have questions regarding your obligations or rights as they related to a premarital notarial contract?
  • What impact will my separation have on the patrimony or the management of a family trust in which you or your spouse is involved?


  • Is one of the spouses entitled to a lump sum or alimony and, in such a case, how much and for how long?
  • Should there be a provision for costs to allow a party to bear attorney fees?
  • What is the net value of support paid, after tax, fiscal contributions and insurance reimbursements?

Inheritance Litigation

  • Do you have questions regarding the probate of a will, a codicil or a legacy plan?
  • What are your recourses if an executor is in a conflict of interest or if accounting is required?
  • What to do if you believe a will was not written by the deceased or if the division of assets was not done according to their last wishes?

Our answers

So, surround yourself with our experienced family and civil law team which will assist you throughout this difficult time. Our attorneys will be sure to take the time to explain all elements of your file to you while actively listening, guiding you as needed toward the best resources, advising your regarding your rights and obligations and representing you efficiently by negotiating or before the courts.

Your rights matter to us!

Contact us now for a consultation regarding your rights.