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Family Law Litigation

Team of skillful lawyers attentive to your needs
Specialized in family law for an efficient defense of your legal rights

Family law is a branch of civil law specific to questions relating to filiation, parental authority, separation, divorce or separation as to bed and board, as well as to different types of financial support. Practicing family law also brings about legal elements related to other branches of law (for example: criminal law, property, Youth Court, etc.). At Brigitte Brunet, avocats, family law is the speciality of all our attorneys who have the know-how to manage your case while accounting for necessary interactions with other branches of law.

Practicing family law effectively also requires empathetic listening skills by virtue of the very personal nature of this very human type of human law. You will, as such, be supported by a devoted team, always available and practicing with the utmost discretion to best allow to get through family litigation with all the legal, emotional and financial challenges it brings about.

Being effectively and efficiently represented by experienced and specialized counsel can make all the difference result-wise before the courts. This is why our attorneys will take the time needed at all steps of your file to meet and advise you not only regarding your rights and obligations, but to best lead your file toward its most appropriate resolution.

We shall help you to see your situation more clearly by helping you consider all pertinent elements, both factually and legally. Our advice will help you make the best decisions to ensure your well-being and your rights are taken care of, along with those closest to you. We shall also represent you before the courts and in negotiation meetings to protect and defend your interests.

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