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Me Nicolas Lapierre, Lawyer


Me Nicolas Lapierre

Lawyer practising in Family Law

Listens to your needs, 100% dedicated to defend your rights and involved in his community
Lawyer practising in Family Law
Services offered in French and English
More than 13 years of experience

Me Nicolas Lapierre is a graduate from Université du Québec in Montréal and was granted his Bachelor of Law in 2008. Me Lapierre was sworn in as a practicing member of the Quebec Bar Association in 2010. Throughout his law studies, Me Lapierre also worked as a Court clerk which provided him with invaluable practical experience regarding the inner workings of courts and tribunals.

Prior to his legal studies, Me Lapierre obtained a Diploma of Multimedia Studies and worked extensively as Computer and Information Systems Technician. His unique expertise in both technological and law fields provide his clients with invaluable expertise, given how much of modern-day interaction takes place using technological and digital means.

Me Lapierre’s professional legal experience has its focus in Family Law even though he acquired significant experience in other fields such as mortgage-related matters, Civil Law, Criminal Law as well as matters involving the Child Welfare System in the province of Quebec. Indeed, his unique flair and robust experience in these domains continue to be most advantageous and helpful to his clients.