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Honourable Pierre Béliveau, Legal Counsel and Retired Judge


Honourable Pierre Béliveau

Retired Judge and Legal Counsel

Legal Counsel specialized in Family, Civil and Criminal Matters
Private Settlement Conferences and Strategic Advices
Services offered in French, English, Italian, Spanish and German
More than 52 years of experience

Pierre Béliveau received a law degree from the University of Ottawa in 1969 and was admitted to the Bar the following year. In 1971, he obtained a Master of Law degree from the Université de Montréal, with a thesis in family law.

On November 1, 1971, while still practising law, he became a professor at the Faculty of Law of the Université de Montréal, specializing in criminal law and the application of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in this domain.

Me Pierre Béliveau was appointed Justice of the Superior Court of Quebec on November 1, 1994. Until 2004, he presided mainly in criminal law, including two important trials related to the “Quebec Biker War”, and, secondarily, in family law. From 2004 until his retirement on April 19, 2016, he has served mainly in family law, and also in civil law, mostly in the districts of Beauharnois and Laval.

During his career as a lawyer, a law professor, and judge, Me Pierre Béliveau has delivered more than 100 lectures in Canada and abroad. Also, of particular note, he advised the Government of Estonia on the reform of its criminal procedure system. He has published, in Canada and abroad, more than 35 articles in legal journals, as well as eight monographs, one in collaboration with Justice Martin Vauclair of the Court of Appeal, titled “Traité général de preuve et procédure pénales” which was reedited for 20 consecutive years.