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Honorable Louisa Arcand, retired judge and legal counsel


Honorable Louisa Arcand

Retired Judge and Legal Counsel

Specialized in family mediation
Private mediation and strategic advices
Services offered in English and French
More than 29 years of experience

The honourable Louisa Arcand obtained a certificate in administration from McGill University in 1985 followed by a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Montréal in 1991. During and after her studies, she also taught at Montmorency and La Salle Colleges. She was admitted to the Québec Bar in 1993.

Prior to becoming a judge, the honourable Louisa Arcand practised family law during her career as a lawyer for the firm Arcand, Iasenza. She was one of the first lawyers in Québec to offer mediation services, and she has supervised the training numerous other family mediators throughout her career.

In June 2009, the honourable Louisa Arcand was named Judge of the Superior Court of Québec. During her tenure in the judicature, she presided primarily over family law cases. She has also mediated numerous settlement conferences offered by the Superior Court. A settlement conference is an alternative dispute resolution method through which litigants may settle their differences accompanied by their lawyers in the presence of a judge, who facilitates the process of arriving at a settlement. This proven method of dispute resolution enables the parties to a dispute to arrive at a settlement in the majority of cases, in a way that is faster and in a more cost-effective manner. With her background in mediation and then in presiding over settlement conferences as a Judge of the Superior Court, the honourable Louisa Arcand

The honourable Louisa Arcand is now a retired judge. However, she continues to share the experience she has acquired over an extensive career with parties who wish to settle their disputes through mediation. The private mediation she offers may take place either here in the conference rooms of Brigitte Brunet Avocats or in the offices of any other lawyer involved in your case.

Furthermore, as a lawyer-in-counsel of Brigitte Brunet Avocats inc., the honourable Louisa Arcand offers both strategic and legal counsel for our lawyers and clients.